Luke Campbell: “Fights with bigger opponents are not a problem for Lomachenko”


Luke Campbell, contender for the interim WBC lightweight title, is confident that fights in the 135-pound division do not cause discomfort to his former rival Vasily Lomachenko, who, according to the British boxer, is used to fighting larger opponents at the amateur level.

“In the ring, I didn’t feel much difference between me and Lomachenko. Many rounds were close. He pulled them out thanks to a 15-second explosion in the end. Lomachenko took several rounds convincingly, but I felt that I won some rounds too.

I watched Lomachenko’s fights since I was 15. He destroyed everyone, shocked opponents when he was an amateur, where they play in helmets, larger gloves and fight for three rounds. Lomachenko boxed one weight class above me, so fights with bigger opponents are not a problem for him, “Luke Campbell told ESPN.

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