Luke Campbell explained why he didn’t rush to finish off Garcia after knockdown


British lightweight Luke Campbell said he didn’t rush to the finishing move after knocking Ryan Garcia down in the second round as he felt his opponent was quickly recovering.

“I wanted to go and try to finish my job right away, but I thought he was back in the fight. You know when the opponent is no longer in the ring. I realized that Garcia is back. If I started to rush, I would have been hit So I thought I was just going to keep picking my punches and acting prudently, not just swing my fists and get caught myself.

He instantly recovered from the knockdown. You know, it happens that you get up, but your legs are still shaking, you are still not in the ring. I felt that he was back. I thought that I would not rush like a fool, since I myself would miss the beat. I felt like if I continued to pick up good shots, I would catch him again, “Campbell said in an interview with YouTube channel iFL TV.

Recall that Campbell lost to Garcia by knockout in the seventh round.


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