Luis Ortiz: “Tyson Fury could figure out how to fight Wilder after seeing our fights with him.”


Experienced Cuban heavyweight veteran Luis Ortiz believes that Tyson Fury may have spied on his own plan to defeat Deontay Wilder.

In the first fight, Luis Ortiz seriously shocked his opponent and was one step away from ending the fight ahead of schedule. In the rematch, Ortiz also won round after round until he missed a powerful blow and was knocked out. Nevertheless, from these battles it became obvious that if serious pressure was exerted on Deontay, he could not withstand it.

“Surrounded by Tyson Fury is also a good team. They probably saw for themselves what Wilder’s weakness was. If you put pressure on him, then from this he becomes vulnerable. Yes, this is a dangerous battle plan, but it is probably the only scenario through which you can cope with Deontay. Perhaps Tyson Fury realized this by watching our fights with Wilder. “


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