Luis Ortiz: “After forty years I began to pay more attention to nutrition”


At the moment, a number of “veterans” – fighters of an advanced age by sporting standards, are performing in the heavyweight division. Among them is 41-year-old Luis Ortiz. The Cuban said that he helps him keep himself in shape. The secret turned out to be simple – with age, the boxer began to pay even more attention to training, nutrition and recovery. This is what helps him to enter the ring over and over again in combat weight and feel great.

“I have definitely become more disciplined. I’m incredibly focused. When you reach the age of forty-something, you become a little smarter and realize that some things will be easier if you do this and that. At twenty-five you are forgiven a lot, but not at this stage of my career. “

“It’s not that I wasn’t eating well before, not that I wasn’t disciplined or anything else, no. It’s just that I’m doing things a little better now. I pay a little more attention to fluid intake, a little more follow what I eat. I care a little more about my body, I listen to it a little more, ”said Louis.


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