Los Angeles creatives shot a movie with augmented reality glasses

Los Angeles-based artist and activist Lauren Halsey captures the everyday life of her creative team in a short four-minute video. But she took it off in an unusual way – not on a camera or even on a phone, but on Snapchat Spectacles 3 glasses with two built-in cameras and four microphones.

Creatives have previously used this device to create music videos with augmented reality effects, and now the team is moving to a fundamentally new format for filmmaking. Snap teamed up with Lauren to create the first short film in the series to be shot entirely with Spectacles 3 glasses.

Halsey’s four-minute video is called Summaeverythang. Halsey, a community-based organization that distributes food to low-income citizens in the Watts and South Central Los Angeles neighborhoods, has the same name. In the film, the girl shows the daily life of the team – for example, here they sort sets of products into boxes, and here they create an art object.

Snap also released a follow-up video showing the “behind the scenes” work on the short. Here Halsey shares her experience of using augmented reality to add meaning to her artwork.

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