Lopez’s team reacted to the information that Lomachenko fought against Teofimo with injury


As the American media managed to find out, the former united world lightweight champion Vasily Lomachenko approached the fight for the title of absolute world champion against Teofimo Lopez with a shoulder injury. Immediately after the fight, the Ukrainian boxer underwent surgery. As it turned out, Lomachenko’s shoulder bothered Lomachenko even in the training camp, and just before entering the ring he had to receive an anesthetic injection.

Lopez’s manager David McWater was skeptical about this information. According to him, Teofimo also went to battle in a far from perfect condition.

“One thing is for sure: if Lomachenko injured his shoulder at the beginning of the fight, it was not because of the thrown punches. Teofimo also entered the ring in Las Vegas, not being 100 percent ready. On the day of the fight, he underwent physical therapy on his injured wrist. He also injured his ankle and shoulder in training camp.

There is something that fighters and solid insiders know for sure. Each fighter ends the training camp with certain injuries, “David McWater told The Ring.

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