Lomachenko and Lopez explained the reason for their feud


This Saturday, irreconcilable rivals in the ring and in life, Vasily Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez will face off in a unifying match, which is most important for both athletes. Their enmity has already become the talk of the town, nevertheless, many do not know why it all started.

It turns out that the cause of mutual hostility, which grew into hatred, was originally a conflict between the boxers’ fathers, which happened several years ago in one of the hotels. According to Teofimo, Lomachenko’s father disdainfully reacted to Lopez Sr.

Who is right and who is guilty cannot be established, while Vasily Lomachenko is sure that Teofimo and his father successfully promoted this scandal:

“They promoted their brand as best they could with my name, mentioning it whenever possible.”

However, Lopez Jr. explains everything easier:

“I don’t like him, he doesn’t like me and I don’t respect him. I’m younger and smarter, and we’ll see the result on October 17th.”

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