Linda Evangelista spoke out against ex-husband accused of violence: “I couldn’t help those women”

The model spoke out about the accusations against the head of the Elite modeling agency Gerald Marie.

Linda Evangelista, 55, recently spoke out about the sexual assault allegations against her ex-husband, director of the famed French modeling agency Elite, Gerald Marie.

The relationship between them began in the late 1980s and lasted for about six years. They divorced in 1993, and a few years later he was accused of sexually harassing models, including minors, and inducing them to use drugs. This finally ruined Marie’s reputation, and he was fired from the modeling agency. His case has not yet been closed, Gerald is under investigation and denies all charges. Marie’s lawyers say he will “fight for the truth.”

Linda Evangelista spoke out against ex-husband accused of violence:

During my relationship with Gerald Marie, I knew nothing about these sexual accusations against him, so I could not help these women,

– said Linda in a new interview with the Guardian.

Listening to what they say about him and looking at my experience, I understand that what they say about him is true. It breaks my heart, and these wounds are unlikely to heal. But I respect the courage of these women who stand up for themselves

– summed up the model.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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