Like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip: Apple is already testing two foldable smartphones


IN the network has repeatedly appeared rumors about that Apple followed other manufacturers are preparing their foldable smartphone. Now new details appeared.

What is known

Sources claim that the company is testing for Foxconn’s factory Shenzhen (China) two prototype devices with flexible display. One is like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, to has has form factor books, the other is from myself «folding bed» like Galaxy Z Flip.

In this case, not tested ready-made smartphones, and in first of all their corps and displays. That there is a test goal a check of the strength of the hinge mechanism and protective screen cover.

By Both prototypes have been tested successfully, sources said. But in as a result, Apple will abandon one of them and focus on second. On which one not yet known.

When will the production of such a gadget begin? is also unclear. But previously reported that at Apple foldable smartphone market will not be released before 2022.

Source: Money UDN

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