Liam Payne built Hagrid’s hut in his garden and showed off to Tom Felton


The former One Direction member has proven to be a huge Harry Potter fan.

Liam Payne recently spoke live on TikTok with Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.

In the conversation, Liam boasted to the actor that he had built a copy of Hagrid’s stone hut in his own garden, which was located near Hogwarts school. Payne said it helps him “feel in the wizarding world.”

I don’t believe you, to be honest

– Tom confessed to Liam, after which Payne showed him a photograph of a house very similar to Hagrid’s.

God, it’s really him! Awesome!

Felton was surprised.

Liam Payne built Hagrid's hut in his garden and showed off to Tom Felton

Tom then suggested that Liam meet up for tea at Hagrid’s hut sometime. Now fans are waiting for this to happen and asking the actor and singer to take as many photos from there as possible.


I’m going live on @tiktok with the one and only @t22felton on Sunday at 12pm PT / 8pm BST and we will be answering your questions! See you there

♬ original sound — Liam Payne

Hagrid’s hut isn’t the only attribute in the wizarding world of Harry Potter that Payne’s lot has. He also has the famous Ford Anglia flying car that Harry Potter and Ron Weasley used to get to Hogwarts. In 2015, Liam admitted that he bought this car and put it in his garden.

I bought it because I’m a little crazy [на Гарри Поттере],

Payne admitted.

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