Legislators Convict Colleague For Supporting Calls For Violence Against Democrats

The US House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green for supporting calls for violence against Democrats.

Together with the Democrats, the resolution was supported by eleven Republicans. 230 legislators voted for, 199 – against.

The vote came after House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy refused to reprimand Green, who was first elected to Congress in November from southeastern Georgia.

The adoption of the resolution allows lawmakers to remove it from two committee positions.

Greene has been criticized for her support for various conspiracy theories, including the far-right QAnon, which proponents claim that Democratic leaders are members of a sect of Satanists, pedophiles and cannibals.

CNN’s analysis of Green’s Facebook page showed that she liked several posts calling for the execution of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats.

These posts were published in 2018-2019, that is, before Green’s nomination to Congress. Subsequently, the publications were removed.

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