Lawmakers urge to adapt to growing threat from China


WASHINGTON – US lawmakers are sounding the alarm over the threat from China, warning that Washington is not keeping pace with Beijing’s growing influence in the world.

Lawmakers have produced two separate reports criticizing U.S. intelligence agencies and policymakers for too long clinging to the idea that increased trade and engagement with China will ultimately push Beijing towards Western values.

However, according to the authors, instead, the United States faces a real danger of ceding the central place on the world stage to China.

“The stakes are high,” says an abridged version of the report released by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. “Without a significant reallocation of resources, the US government and intelligence community will not be able to achieve the results needed to continue competing with China on the global stage for decades to come.”

The Intelligence Committee criticizes the US intelligence services for being overly focused on the counter-terrorism mission and failing to adapt to the new threats of a changing world.

“While the US was busy fighting Al-Qaeda, ISIS [Исламским государством] and their affiliates, offshoots and supporters, Washington’s unconditional dominance over the global system has escaped, “the report says.

The second report, prepared by the working group on China, is equally critical. Its authors recommend over 400 changes to Washington’s China strategy.

“To maintain democracy and freedom around the world, the US must act decisively with its allies to regain the initiative,” the working group warns.

The ideology of the Chinese Communist Party “undermines the basic principles of the international system and jeopardizes the security and prosperity of Americans,” the report said.

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