Kubrat Pulev apologized for the ambiguous statement about Anthony Joshua


Top Bulgarian heavyweight champion Kubrat Pulev is not the first to fall into the epicenter of a scandal through his own negligence, but the boxer categorically denies that he intended to offend Anthony Joshua with his recent statement regarding his skin color.

“I would never, under any pretext, allow myself to show disrespect to another person. This is what I constantly teach my little nephews. Each of us was born on this earth with equal rights, and the color of the skin does not matter,” – said Pulev.

“I can’t believe how my words about Anthony Joshua were taken out of context. It never occurred to me in my life to discredit another athlete because of his skin color! Among my friends there are people of different races and nationalities. And they are all wonderful and dignified people, and at the same time they are very good and loyal friends whom I respect and love.

Now is 2020, and I hope that others will stop being limited, and that humanity will intellectually evolve to realize that truly valuable qualities in this world do not come from the outside – that the power of the spirit is most important, and that we carry all the virtues inside ourselves! Therefore, if anyone was offended by my words, then I hope that they will try to understand exactly what I meant, and if they cannot do this, then let them accept my sincere apologies.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Joshua a happy birthday and wish him a lot of happiness and great health – something that is more valuable these days than ever! “

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