Kings MMA head coach Cordeiro: “Tyson is planning a few more fights in the near future”

Kings MMA head coach Rafael Cordeiro, speaking with the Chute Box legends on Portal do Vale Tudo, spoke about Tyson’s preparation for the fight with Roy Jones Jr. on November 28 in Los Angeles.

Cordeiro did not want to disclose all the details, but said that Tyson has a plan to hold 3 more similar battles in the next few years… Cordeiro remarked:

“These will be great fights against famous boxers.”

The Kings MMA Patriarch also revealed some details of Tyson’s workouts. In particular, Cordeiro says that he only trusted him to take off and put on gloves. Cordeiro admitted:

“One day I let a close friend of his take a glove and Mike got really angry.”

The Kings MMA coach also confirmed that Netflix has started filming the Iron Mike documentary and that Tyson is having a hard time doing it.

“Once,” Cordeiro said, “during the shoot, Mike was in a bad mood and I asked him what happiness was for him. Do you know what he said?” “Happiness for me is death, because I knew a lot of troubles and often made other people unhappy.”

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