Kim Cattrall commented on the conflict with Sarah Jessica Parker: “I have no regrets”


The performer of the role of Samantha Jones remained unconvinced and was in no hurry to apologize to her colleague.

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, who played close friends in the TV series Sex and the City, turned out to be not so friendly in life. The situation escalated when Cattrall refused to star in the third part of the film, which is a continuation of the series, and her colleagues, in particular Parker, said that she thus disrupted the shooting.

The exact reason why Kim refused to participate in the project is unknown. It was rumored that she was not satisfied with the fee and asked to increase it to the size of Sarah’s fee. At the same time, according to the producer of the show, Parker played the main character and in many ways “pulled the series”, and Kim was not at the peak of her career at that time.

Kim Cattrall commented on the conflict with Sarah Jessica Parker:

According to Kim, after her refusal, the creators of the series and viewers gave her a real persecution.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t just replace me with another actress, instead of wasting energy on bullying?

– noted Kim in an interview.

Interestingly, she does not hide her dislike for Parker. In 2017, Cattrall said she had never been Sarah’s girlfriend and described the relationship with her as “toxic.” And in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kim confirmed this and said that she did not regret anything.

Google has everything, you can google and find out what I said about Sarah. Then I felt this way, but now, when I look at it, I do not regret anything,

– shared the actress. At the same time, Parker tried to settle relations with a daring colleague. In 2018, when Kim’s brother died, she expressed her condolences to her online, but Kim replied that she “did not need her support.”

Kim Cattrall commented on the conflict with Sarah Jessica Parker:

In addition, Sarah, unlike Kim, does not admit that there is a feud between them. In 2018, she said in an interview:

I want to remind everyone that there is no enmity between us. I have always appreciated her work and have never been rude to her. I don’t want to be remembered as two actresses who feuded during filming, simply because it didn’t happen.

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