Khloe Kardashian provoked pregnancy rumors from ex-boyfriend


The celebrity posted a photo that raised questions from her fans.

Recently, Khloe Kardashian posted a photo on her Instagram page, after which the star was showered with questions from fans. In the picture, Chloe is posing on the beach in a loose dress and it seems that under it she has a rounded belly.

“Is she the second pregnant?”, “I can see the belly”, “She looks like pregnant!” – Chloe’s followers write in the comments, suggesting that Kardashian is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Tristan Topson. However, the sources of E! News reported that Chloe and Tristan are raising a common daughter together, but are not expecting a second child.

Khloe Kardashian provoked pregnancy rumors from ex-boyfriend

We will remind, in July there was a rumor that Chloe got along with Tristan. A source from the entourage of the stars clarified that they “decided to give the relationship another chance.”

Tristan wants to prove first of all to himself that he is a good father,

– said the insider. Then another source said that Chloe and Tristan “act like they got together.” But here’s how Chloe herself commented on this information on Twitter:

Wait … What? Lol. I just went online and I’m confused. As, in fact, the whole of 2020. But to be honest … What the hell, people just talk. In quarantine, everyone went crazy.

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