Kevin Spacey accused of sexually assaulting two teenagers

Two men recounted how in the 1980s Spacey invited them home.

On Wednesday, two men sued Kevin Spacey, claiming he raped them when they were 14 years old. One of the plaintiffs is Anthony Rapp, the actor who first filed charges against Spacey in October 2017. Rapp claims that in 1986, Spacey invited him to a party at his apartment. There, Spacey allegedly grabbed him by the buttocks, threw him on the bed and lay down on top. Anthony says that he managed to escape from Kevin to the bathroom, and then to get out of the apartment.

The second plaintiff, who calls himself the initials CD, says he met Kevin in 1981 during his acting class. Two years after they met, Spacey invited the 14-year-old CD to his place and persuaded him to have sex. The prosecutor says he had close ties with Kevin several times, but the last time he said no to Spacey several times and was able to free himself and leave the apartment. The lawsuit alleges that both prosecutors suffered psychological damage due to the abuse by Spacey.

Kevin Spacey accused of sexually assaulting two teenagers

When Rapp first accused Spacey three years ago, the actor said he did not remember the incident, but if it did, it would most likely be “inappropriate drunken behavior.” Spacey also said that he “regrets the feelings that Rapp claims he has carried in him all these years.”

Photo source: Legion-Media

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