Kentucky protests over Breonna Taylor’s prosecution decision

Kentucky protests over Breonna Taylor’s prosecution decision

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday after the attorney general announced the jury’s ruling and explained why police would not be charged with the death of Breonna Taylor, an African-American woman killed in March in Louisville.

According to the Kentucky attorney general, the two white police officers who opened fire at Taylor’s apartment during the anti-drug raid will not be held accountable for her death, since their use of force was justified. A third police officer was charged with endangering the safety of Taylor’s neighbors.

Hundreds of residents protested in the city center and marched through the streets, chanting: “Get out of the houses, everyone into the street!”

Local television stations showed police officers in workwear and protective masks lining up in downtown Louisville to maintain law and order.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called the state prosecutor’s office “truly excellent.” Trump said this at a press conference at the White House, responding to a journalist’s request for comment on the prosecutors’ decision.

“The Attorney General of Kentucky, Daniel Cameron… made a statement, which I will now read:“ Justice is not always easy. It does not always correspond to public opinion and changing standards, responding only to facts and the law. If we act with only emotion or resentment, it is not fair. Crowd justice is not justice. Violent justice is not justice. It’s just revenge … “” – said in a statement Cameron.

The president called the Kentucky attorney’s speech “terrific,” and promised to speak with the state governor shortly about his request to send the National Guard to Louisville to bolster law enforcement.

“He (the governor) called the National Guard, which is good. I think this is a very positive moment, everything will work out, “Trump said.

Donald Trump’s rival, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has called on Louisville residents to protest only peacefully.

“They (protests) must be peaceful. Don’t tarnish your memory [Бреонны Тейлор]resorting to violence. It would be completely inappropriate. She would not want this … I do not know the details, so I do not want to comment, ”said Biden.

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