Kell Brook’s coach doesn’t want to prepare him for a fight with Crawford


According to Dominic Ingle, longtime coach of British ex-welterweight champion (up to 66.7 kg) Kell Brook (39-2-0, 27 KO), he will not prepare his ward for the upcoming fight with American Terence Crawford (36-0- 0.27 KO).

The reason is simple – Brooke does not want to complete his training in England, and Ingle cannot leave his boxers for him.

I trainer. And I’m not going to listen to someone because of his desire to hold the training camp in his own way, – Ingle said in an interview with IFL TV. – Some fighters do this, but not with me. Before the camp, I always indicate my conditions, and if the fighter does not like it, he can prepare in another place.

I don’t think Kell should have left Sheffield. Why take risks and go abroad? He has a big fight ahead of him. And I’m not going to prepare it on a six week notice, as it always takes twelve weeks. “

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