Katie Holmes showed feelings for her boyfriend after the confessions of an insider

Katie Holmes CELEBRITY

It is said that because of the affair with Katie, her chosen one left his fiancée. It seems that Katie Holmes does not care at all about public attention to her personal life. Recently, the 41-year-old actress was re-captured while having an affair with her new boyfriend, 33-year-old chef Emilio Vitolo.

The couple were spotted in New York at the Vitolo family restaurant, where Emilio works. They stood at the entrance to the establishment with their masks down, hugging and kissing. Recently, an insider told how the relationship between Katie and Emilio, who had a recent romance, was developing.

Emilio is very charming, playful, it is easy to see that Katie is head over heels in love with him. She looks very passionate, sends him messages all day, and he really likes it. He loves her attention.

Earlier, Western journalists told what happened “behind the scenes” when Holmes and Vitolo began to meet. It turned out that at the beginning of the relationship with Katie, Emilio did not just meet with a girl, 24-year-old Rachel, but lived with her and planned to marry her.

Insiders noted that Rachel found out about his affair with Katie thanks to the photos in which they kiss. After that, Emilio reportedly broke up with his friend via text message.

This is a story with a sad ending. He’s a traitor. They already had wedding plans, which are now over. Now she has to go home- said the person from the entourage of Rachel.

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