Kate Mara on the most romantic act of her husband Jamie Bell: “It was our wedding dance”


As it turned out, the actress’s husband, Jamie Bell, takes dancing in public very seriously.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon, 37-year-old Kate Mara shared the story of her husband’s perfectionism, actor Jamie Bell. The artist became famous in childhood, when he played the main role in the drama about dancing “Billy Elliot”. And those skills influenced his entire future life. At least according to Keith, he is fanatical about everything when it comes to dancing.

Mara admitted that Bell dances at home almost every day, especially now that their family has a little daughter – thus the actor entertains the baby. But he prepares for important events much more seriously. So, he even canceled the planned dance at the wedding ceremony with Mara.

“The most romantic thing he did for me was our wedding dance. I wanted to learn how to swing swing with him because I like him. It took a lot of effort, because Jamie hates dance lessons, “said Kate.

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Posted by Kate Mara (@katemara) 14 Feb 2020 at 8:53 PST

But after 4 weeks of learning the movements, a few days before the wedding, Bell admitted to Mare that he considered their choreography not good enough and persuaded the bride to give up the composition. Instead, they ended the wedding with a slow dance to their favorite Mexican song.

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