Kate Beckinsale assured that she “does not need a man” after breaking up with 23-year-old boyfriend


Nine months later, another novel by the actress came to an end.

According to Western publications, Kate Beckinsale has parted ways with Canadian musician Goody Grace. The journalists and fans of the couple came to this conclusion after Beckinsale deleted all joint photos with her boyfriend and unsubscribed from him on Instagram. Grace also stopped following her ex-lover on social networks, but saved one video in which he confessed his love to her in July this year. Neither Keith nor Goody commented on the news of their breakup. The reasons for the separation also remain unknown.

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happy birthday @katebeckinsale i love you 🖤∞

Posted by Goody Grace (@goodygrace) on July 26, 2020 at 7:37 AM PDT

Shortly after this news, one of Beckinsale’s subscribers remarked that she should have got herself a new boyfriend, probably after drawing attention to the last four posts dedicated to her pets. Kate did not disregard this remark and replied:

I can assure you that no one here “needs” a man.

However, some could argue with this statement, since over the past two years Beckinsale managed to part with 26-year-old comedian Pete Davidson after three months of relationship and provoke rumors about an affair with 30-year-old musician Colson Baker, who is currently dating Megan Fox. …

Kate Beckinsale assured that she

Kate Beckinsale assured that she

Kate was more than once condemned for having a relationship with men much younger than her, but the actress was not worried about such criticism. In response to one of these comments, she stated that she was dating the boys solely to annoy the curious.

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