Kamil Gadzhiev – about Povetkin’s revenge with White: “I think that Sasha did not get what he deserved”


The head of Fight Nights Global Kamil Gadzhiev believes that Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin should not have agreed to a rematch with Dillian White.

According to him, “Russian Knight”, due to its age, had to immediately demand a fight for a full-fledged world title.

“In general, I believe that Povetkin did not get what he deserved. After this fight he should have been given to box for the world title with one of the big guys: Fury, Wilder or Joshua. Why should Sasha fight in revenge if he won by knockout?” ” – said Hajiyev in an interview with NEWS.ru.

“Maybe he is interested in this from the point of view of business, because a lot of money has already been used there, but the fight for the title would be much more logical. Moreover, we understand that Povetkin’s time will soon pass due to his age. Revenge is a revenge, but he needs have time to fight for the title. As for the outcome of the second fight with White, I think it will be the same as the outcome of the first fight. “

Recall that in August of this year, Alexander Povetkin won a bright victory over a younger and more formidable opponent in the person of Dillian White, while he himself was twice knocked down. At the moment, “Russian Knight” is diligently preparing for a rematch with the British heavyweight, which will take place on November 21st.

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