Justin Bieber fans spotted a tattoo dedicated to Selena Gomez


Attentive fans saw the letter S in the image of the rose on Justin’s neck.

Justin Bieber recently celebrated his two-year wedding anniversary with Hailey Baldwin, but fans of the singer still remember his relationship with Selena Gomez. Attentive users saw Bieber’s fresh tattoo in the form of a rose and noticed the distinct letter S in it. Some decided that Justin had dedicated the tattoo to Selena, with whom he had been in a relationship for 8 years.

Justin Bieber fans spotted a tattoo dedicated to Selena Gomez

At the same time, many assume that S could mean September – the month when Bieber and Baldwin got married. And someone even insists that there is no S in Justin’s tattoo, they say, rose petals create such an illusion.

Selena and Justin talked about their relationship more than once, during which they repeatedly parted and reconciled.

My past relationship has hurt me a lot. For a long time I could not forgive her, but I did not understand that this was the problem,

– said Bieber. Gomez, on the other hand, talked so much about breaking up with the singer that she is now worried if she is considered offended by him.

Justin Bieber fans spotted his Selena Gomez tattoo

She recently explained to fans that the story with Bieber is in the past for her:

I wanted to show that this is a journey into the past, that this story is completely over. I don’t want to be considered sad and resentful. I want people to know: I am facing some real problems, but this part of me is already over,

– clarified Selena, speaking about her album Rare, which is partly about breaking up with Justin.

Photo source: East News

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