Judge Barrett: Courts Shouldn’t Try to Shape Policy


US Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Connie Barrett intends to argue in Senate hearings that courts “should not try” to shape policy and that this should be left to the discretion of presidents and Congress.

Ahead of the Senate hearing, which began Monday morning, the 48-year-old Conservative judge released a statement outlining her vision of the Supreme Court’s role, stressing that it does not include “solving all problems and correcting all shortcomings in public life.” country.

“Political decisions and value judgments on state issues must be made by the political branches of government, elected by the people and accountable to them. The public should not expect this from the courts, and the courts should not try to do this, ”Barrett said.

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a four-day confirmation hearing for Amy Barrett, nominated by President Donald Trump, who has had the third opportunity to fill a vacancy in the Supreme Court.

The Republican-controlled Senate, despite Democratic objections, wants to approve Barrett before the November 3 presidential election, while both the Senate and the White House are under GOP control.

Republicans say they have enough votes to confirm Barrett’s candidacy. If so, it will be one of the fastest approval processes in history. In addition, Supreme Court justices have never been confirmed in such a short time before the presidential elections.

Democrats are unhappy with Barrett’s candidacy for a number of reasons, including concern over the fate of the Obamaker Affordable Health Care Act, or ACA, passed under President Barack Obama.

“President Trump has been trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act for four years. Republicans have been trying to get rid of him for ten years, ”said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, recalling that Amy Barrett has repeatedly expressed disagreement with the decisions of the Supreme Court upholding the law.

Democrats are also concerned about Barrett’s stance on previous court decisions. She listed the decrees, the cancellation of which she considers impossible, but among them there were no two verdicts: 1973 on the legalization of abortion and 2015 on the legalization of same-sex marriage.

In addition, the Democrats insist that the winner of the upcoming presidential elections should nominate a new supreme judge after the inauguration.

Should Barrett win the post, the conservative majority in the Supreme Court will be strengthened to 6 out of 9. This could affect the nature of American law for decades to come.

The vacancy in the Supreme Court came about following the death of Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett, speaking about Ginsburg in her statement, stressed that “no one will ever replace her.”

Amy Barrett named the late judge Antonin Scalia as her mentor, whom she described as “devoted to his family, firmly adhering to his views and not afraid of criticism.”

According to the regulations, over the next two days, lawmakers will ask questions to the nominee in the Supreme Court, and another day is set aside for the speeches of supporters and opponents of her candidacy.

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