Josh Warrington: “The fight with Lara will not go beyond the sixth round”

Ex-featherweight champion (up to 57.2 kg), British Josh Warrington (30-0-0, 7 KO), discussing at the final press conference the upcoming fight with Mexican Mauricio Lara (21-2-0, 14 KO), which will take place already on Saturday in Britain, he admitted that he does not see the outcome of the fight in the referee’s decision.

“Yes, he has more knockouts than me, but is he as good at 12 rounds as I am? I doubt it. And my task is to prove it.

He has a punch, but if he doesn’t hit me, he doesn’t get through six rounds. When I put on my 8oz gloves and see holes in my protection, I tune in for a short night, ”said the fighter.

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