Jose Ramirez and Mikey Garcia talk about Davis vs. Santa Cruz fight


United champion in light welterweight (up to 63.5 kg), American Jose Carlos Ramirez shared his forecast for the fight between compatriot Jervonta Davis (23-0-0, 22 KO) and Mexican Leo Santa Cruz (37-1-1, 19 KO), which will take place tomorrow in the USA.

“This is a good fight for both guys. It won’t be easy. Of course,” Tank “needs to meet the weight [смеется]… Just kidding. But I will give the advantage to him. He’s really strong. He has enough experience and excellent skills. But the question with weight is not removed, after all, it’s 130 pounds. “

The former four-weight champion Mikey Garcia agreed with his teammate:

“The fight will be at 130 pounds, and that will give Leo the advantage that he won’t have to suffer from the weight race. Yes, he is just a featherweight champion, but he is a size and tall fighter. The fight is designed for twelve rounds, and he will not stop throwing punches “.


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