Jose Pedraza: “Lomachenko adapts to the style of each opponent”


Former rival of the WBA / WBO / WBC Franchise lightweight champion Vasily Lomachenko, Jose Pedraza, is confident that the Ukrainian boxer can adapt to each of his opponents.

“Lomachenko is definitely a boxer with a very high IQ. He adapts to the style of each opponent. In the fight with Lomachenko, I used not one, but several strategies. Every time he started to dominate, I changed them, but he immediately adapted. , Lomachenko always approaches a fight in incredible physical condition, which helps him to make these side shifts, which makes him an even more difficult boxer.

Lomachenko is very patient. In the fight with Jorge Linares, at the moment when Lomachenko was on the canvas, he acted a little recklessly, which is why he opened up. But the knockdown helped him – Lomachenko calmed down a bit and returned to his rhythm, continuing to press and wait for the right moment. By doing this, he was able to win that fight, “José Pedraza told ESPN.

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