John Fury: “Usyk is a good fighter, I will put him in second place after Tyson”


The father of the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, John Fury, has said that he is placing former cruiserweight leader Alexander Usyk as the second best heavyweight fighter after his son.

“Usyk is a good fighter, I will put him in second place after Tyson. If he was a born heavyweight, and not a cruiser, he could create problems. But does he have the power of a heavyweight?”

I didn’t like Usyk against Chazz Witherspoon. It was a bad evening for him. I think that the best years of Witherspoon are in the past, but Usyk fiddled with him until the eighth round.

Is Usyk able to match in terms of power these giants who are now performing in heavyweight? We will see. Nevertheless, he knows how to box. And boxing is all you need. But if Usyk is pinned to the ropes and patted a little, will he sprinkle? I don’t think so, but there is always such a possibility, “John Fury said in an interview with YouTube channel iFL TV.

We will remind, Fury Sr. also stated that Derek Chisora ​​should not have agreed to a fight with Usik.

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