Joe Biden: “The chaos in the Capitol does not reflect the true essence of America”

Joe Biden: “The chaos in the Capitol does not reflect the true essence of America”

President-elect Joe Biden addressed Americans on television Wednesday afternoon, denouncing the riots that erupted in Washington during the Trump march. A little later, President Trump recorded a video message asking his supporters to “go home” and declaring that Americans need “peace, law and order.”

Biden called the Capitol riots “an unprecedented attack on democracy,” saying Washington today was “an attack on the citadel of freedom: the Capitol itself, lawmakers and the Capitol Hill police.”

“The chaos at the Capitol does not reflect the true nature of America. These lawless extremists are not our representatives. This is not dissent – this is disorder, chaos, it borders on insurrection. And this needs to be stopped right now, ”the President-elect said, addressing the Americans on the air of nationwide TV channels.

Biden called on President Trump to also appear on television and condemn the actions of his supporters who caused the riots on the Capitol.

“The president’s words matter, no matter how good or bad the president is. At best, the president’s words can be inspiring. In the worst case, they can become incitement. Therefore, I call on President Trump to appear on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution by demanding an end to the siege (of the Capitol), ”the President-elect said.

Minutes later, President Trump posted a video message on his Twitter, calling on his supporters to peace and ordering protesters to “return home.”

During his address, Trump reiterated the claim that the elections were “stolen,” however, addressing supporters, he said: “You need to go home. We need peace. We must have law and order. “

Former Republican presidential candidate, Senator Mitt Romney from Utah, in a comment for The New York Times, expressed outrage at what happened in Washington today. calling Donald Trump’s appeal to his supporters at a White House rally a call for an uprising.

President George W. Bush also condemned the riots: “This is how the election results in the banana republic are disputed.” In a special statement on today’s events in Washington. The 43rd President of the United States did not call President Trump by name, but his message leaves no doubt:

“I am outraged by the irresponsible behavior of some political leaders in the post-election period, and the lack of due respect for our state institutions, our traditions and our law enforcement officers.”

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