Jennifer Lopez Voted ‘People’s Icon 2020’ at People’s Choice Awards

Jennifer Lopez Voted ‘People’s Icon 2020’ at People’s Choice Awards

The artist made an enthusiastic speech, having received the coveted trophy.

Jennifer Lopez is an artist admired by fans of all ages. Regardless of fashion and trends, her appearance has always attracted everyone’s attention.

The other day, the 51-year-old star was recognized as the “People’s Icon 2020”. The trophy went to the artist at the People’s Choice Awards. Jennifer took the stage in a gorgeous red dress, which once again delighted the fans. After receiving the award, the star made an emotional speech recalling the events of the current year.

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So, from the stage of the People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, Jennifer said: “2020 is not a joke, is it? I mean, until 2020, we were obsessed with winning this award or being nominated for this award, or we were captured by the one who sold the most records, or the box office opening, or crazy things, for example. But not this year. This year was a great equalizer. “

The star noted that it was 2020 that showed what really matters and what does not. According to Jennifer, it became obvious that the main thing is human qualities, that there are things that pose a danger to everyone, regardless of social status and stardom.

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Recall that the People’s Choice Awards took place on November 15 in Santa Monica. The annual American Prize is awarded to pop culture figures based on audience voting. It was on the basis of opinion polls that Jennifer Lopez was recognized as the “People’s Icon”.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Davidyan

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