Jennifer Lopez graced the cover of the gloss with a boy haircut


The singer cut her hair so short for the first time in a long time.

51-year-old Jennifer Lopez became the face of the new issue of Allure magazine. On it, the star for the first time in a long time appeared with a short haircut. Most often, the singer experimented with overhead strands to increase hair length.

In a long interview with Allure, Lopez recalls how at the very beginning of her career she was able to prove that not only slender girls can be celebrities in the field of show business, but also curvaceous ones. Jennifer notes that she feels great in her body.

Jay Lo also talks about how she and her family live in a pandemic. “We played baseball and drew together. Usually we do not do such things, but here we decided to take advantage of the opportunity provided, ”says the star in an interview. Lopez admitted that during self-isolation she allowed herself to neglect diets and eat chips. But at the same time, the singer did not stop playing sports, so she hopes that the bad habit did not greatly affect her physical form.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jennifer Lopez had to postpone the wedding ceremony with her beloved Alex Rodriguez. The couple planned to get married last year, but JayLo believes that it will be possible to talk about it after the restrictions are completely lifted.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko


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