Jaron Ennis’s manager: “He’s faster and stronger than Terence Crawford”


Cameron Dunkin, manager of American prospectus welterweight (up to 66.7 kg) Jaron Ennis (26-0-0, 24 KO), believes that his player has more data to become the leader of the “pound-for-pound” rating than current WBO champion Terence Crawford (36-0-0, 27 KO).

“The top fighters don’t want to deal with my boyfriend. I’ve talked to all the promoters before, and they all say the same thing: ‘Jaron is new, nobody knows him. If I put my boyfriend at risk, it’s against someone with a name. “

I took Crawford through twenty-something fights and I know him very well. And I understand perfectly well that Jaron, who just turned 23, will be a great fighter, the best in the world. We were the ones who raised Terence into welterweight, but Jaron is a natural fighter in this division, he is stronger and faster than Crawford, “Dunkin said.

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