“I’ve had enough”: Sharon Stone reveals why she ended dating at 62


It sounds like the actress is disappointed in men.

Sharon Stone visited the Drew Barrymore Show, where she shared her thoughts on a romantic relationship. The 62-year-old actress said she was tired of dating and now prefers to spend time with her family and friends.

I’m done with dating, I’ve had enough. I see that people are insincere and they are not worth my time. I enjoy my time alone and socializing with my kids and friends,

Sharon said.

Stone further spoke about modern men and compared them to children:

I don’t need another child. I do not want insincerity and some kind of games. I don’t know how to put it politically correctly … I feel that men are not at the same level as women. I have good male friends, but when it comes to emotional maturity in relationships, I think there is a gap between women and men.

Earlier in October, in an interview with Closer Weekly, Sharon said that she was looking for someone, like her, wants to plunge into a “caring relationship full of love”:

I think you have to choose how you want to age. I am sure that I have a destiny, and now I want to meet it as open and honest as possible. I am ready for a new relationship, but first you need to understand what you want to get from them.

The actress also admitted that she uses a dating app. However, the Hollywood star had to prove that she is the real Sharon Stone.

I’m just a comedy: I ​​got removed from a dating site. Some men read my profile and did not believe that it was really me. And they asked the administrators to block my account, because it is supposedly fake. It seems to me that this is due to the fact that I refused several people,

– Sharon shared.

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