Ivan Redkach speculated about the reasons for the defeat of Lomachenko in the fight with Teofimo Lopez


Ukrainian welterweight Ivan Redkach decided to share with his followers on Instagram a detailed analysis of why his compatriot, one of the best P4P boxers Vasyl Lomachenko lost to Teofimo Lopez in the recent fight for the absolute lightweight championship.

“What, in your opinion, are the other reasons for Lomachenko’s defeat? How do you like the tactics? And will Lomachenko be able to win back the belts?”

And the reasons for the defeat, as for me, are as follows:

  • Vasily, Papachenko and even the promoters started playing, believing that Vasily is the invincible god of boxing, and, as we have all seen, this is not so;
  • there is no need to try on a crown while you have not yet won the throne, and it was already worn, and as it turned out, it was premature;
  • you should never underestimate and dismiss your opponent – this was also done by the Lomachenko team;
  • probably, this is still not Vasily’s weight, and he needs to go down to the category below;
  • and, in general, Lopez is too much for Vasily. Young, strong, aggressive and, as it turned out, smart and very technical. I have to pay tribute to his coach-father – he read Lomachenko and built an absolutely winning tactic for his son.

As for the belts, he will not be able to win them back, and this is not necessary. He must go down one category and win all the belts there. Vasya is an incredible boxer, one of the best in history, but it was just too much for him.

And no revenge is needed for Loma. I think his team and he himself understand this – he will fall into a quick knockout, this time the youngster will not be careful with him, and will hit hard.

(People made good money in this fight. I did not take part in this, but my bet went – 200 thousand dollars in positive territory). Thank you, Lopez, “Redkach wrote on Instagram, posting a joint photo with Lomachenko of those times when both played for the Ukrainian national boxing team.

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