Ivan Redkach said that he earned 200 thousand dollars on the victory of Lopez, and confessed to hatred of Lomachenko


Ukrainian welterweight Ivan Redkach claims that Teofimo Lopez’s victory over Vasily Lomachenko earned him 200 thousand dollars. Initially, he said that he had bet 25 thousand dollars on the victory of Lopez, and if you believe the check that Redkach laid out, he earned 73 thousand dollars. And now Redkach, without further explanation, said that he somehow earned another 123 thousand dollars.

However, despite the fact that Lomachenko helped him improve his financial situation, Redkach admitted that he hates the eminent compatriot.

“I won a total of 200 thousand dollars. I never played, never made bets. I just have unbridled love for Lome. I hate him as a person. Many people in Ukraine hate him as much as a good fighter he is. Karma – s * chka “, – wrote Ivan Redkach on his Twitter page.


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