Ivan Redkach harshly commented on the information about Lomachenko’s injury: “The lies are unambiguous. It’s just a circus, although it’s not even funny.”


Ukrainian welterweight Ivan Redkach was skeptical about the information that Vasily Lomachenko was injured before the fight with Teofimo Lopez.

“It looks more like pure lies than weighty reasons for losing. Obviously, instead of reviewing their fight and working on mistakes, Vasily and his team come up with reasons and excuses for defeat.

We all saw perfectly well how Vasily more than did push-ups on the rings, walked on his hands, on the water, on what was possible and as soon as possible during his preparatory camp. Moreover, Vasily said that in all his previous fights he was not so ready, he never gave all his best and did not feel 100%. He clearly says that he rested for a year and feels great, there are no injuries, etc. etc. Unambiguous lies!

But let’s say that this is not a lie, and the injury took place. In this case, where the team was looking, where is their professionalism, how they could release a fighter with an injury to the most important and main battle not only for Vasily, but also for them in life. What is this … Clownery? A spit in the face of all boxing? Spitting and grinning at fans? Or the ambition of a big boy who doesn’t listen to his dad?

It’s just a circus, although not even funny. It’s low. And let’s not forget that Manny Pacquiao could have gone to jail and faced 1 to 4 years in prison or a massive fine for withholding a shoulder injury before his fight with Floyd Mayweather. These are the rules of the state of Nevada. Or maybe Vasily’s team copied this case with him? .. Then the team and Vasily should return the money to all those who bet on his victory.

In any case, true or false, it is disrespect for your opponent, setting up your team, disrespect for the Nevada State Boxing Commission and your fans, “Redkach wrote on Instagram.

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