It was not possible to save the marriage: Julianne Hough divorces her husband Brooks Like


Julianne filed for divorce five months after the breakup.

Dancer Julianne Hough and hockey player Brooks Like broke up in May of this year and spent several months trying to give their relationship a second chance. But nothing came of it. According to TMZ, Hough recently filed for divorce.

In August, a source from the couple’s entourage revealed that Julianne and Brooks had dinner together and that Like “wants the relationship back,” and Hough “is considering that option.”

Later, another source noted that Julianne appreciated freedom and did not want to return to the relationship: “They tried to solve their problems, but Julianne realized that she feels happier when she is free.”

Hough and Like were quarantined in different states. When the epidemic swept the country, Brooks left for Idaho, while Julianne stayed in Los Angeles. Insiders point out that the separation helped the former lovers understand that separation is the best option for them.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey Hough, she noted that it was a “magic time”: “I was on my own. My husband was in Idaho doing all kinds of work in the yard. We just went about our business separately from each other. But it really was a magical time. “

Julianne Hough and Brooks Like got married in 2017, before that they dated for several years.

Photo source: Legion-Media


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