IOS users love older iPhone SE and iPhone 6s rather than newer smartphone models

The developers of the AnTuTu benchmark made a rating iOS devicesthe users are most satisfied with. It drawn up on based on reviews for January.

AND who in list?

IN the top ten got seven tablets and only three Apple smartphones. And from the last all old models and us one new one. This is the iPhone SE of the first generation, which took the second place, iPhone 6s Plus (7 place) and iPhone 6s (9 a place).

AND now the leader of the rating is 12,9-inch iPad Pro, which 99.5% of users are happy with.

The top ten of the rating is as follows:

  1. 12,9-inch iPad Pro
  2. iPhone SE
  3. 9,7-inch iPad Pro
  4. iPad mini 4
  5. iPad Pro 2
  6. iPad Air 2
  7. iPhone 6s Plus
  8. iPad Pro 4
  9. iPhone 6s
  10. iPad 5

Source: Mydrivers

For those who want to know more:

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