Intruder plane intercepted over Trump rally in Arizona


US Air Force F-16 fighters flew to intercept an inoperative plane that flew over Trump’s campaign rally in Bullhead City, Arizona.

This information was confirmed by the Pentagon.

The incident, caught on video when President Trump spoke to his supporters on Wednesday, first appeared to be a flight demonstration as the F-16 fired flares to drive the plane away.

“Oh, just look! Look, look, look, ”Trump said, pointing to a white flare train. – Just look! They put on a little show for the president. “

However, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) later said it had sent F-16 fighters to intercept the unknown aircraft after it entered a restricted space in the rally area and did not get in touch.

“The intruder aircraft did not respond to the initial interception procedures, but established radio communications after the NORAD aircraft fired signal flares,” the statement said.

The intruder was then “removed from the restricted area by NORAD without further incident.”

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