Instead of recycling, thousands of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch went on sale: Apple has already filed a lawsuit


Apple filed in trial on Geep Canada a company that deals with the processing of equipment in including «apple» gadgets.

What happened

Apple signed a contract with Geep Canada в 2015 year. Per several years on recycling dispatched 531 966 iPhone, а also 5 673 iPad and 19 277 Apple Watch. But, as it turned out, some of these gadgets returned to sale, then is, instead of recycling, the device was re-sold. About 18% of these 103 845 devices were active in operator networks, in addition, models without LTE support cannot be tracked succeeded.

AT Geep Canada this fact is not deny but accused of all three employees. AND this is understandable, because it is easier to shift all the blame on several people and not tarnish your reputation. But Apple assures that these employees of top management of the company.

It looks like the fraud was revealed a few years ago, after which Apple stopped working with Geep Canada. Legal action was filed in January this year, but know about this story has become only now.

Now Apple demands a full return to her profit from reselling gadgets, and also $ 22.7 million compensation. Geep Canada filed a counterclaim.

Source: Apple Insider

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