Instead of OnePlus 9: OnePlus may name its next flagship OnePlus 888

On Qualcomm recently introduced the renamed Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, and now her example could be followed and OnePlus.

What does it mean

IN Qualcomm explained that they have chosen a new name (and not Snapdragon 875 as expected), as the number 888 sounds more premium. It symbolizes in Chinese culture good luck and prosperity. The American company thus decided to pay tribute to its partners from China.

After the presentation, the founder and OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu talked to brand fans in social networks Weibo. is he asked how they the idea to name the new flagship OnePlus 888. Moreover, in next year OnePlus will celebrate its 8th anniversary.

Of course it is not means that OnePlus 9 definitely decided to rename it to OnePlus 888, however everything is possible.

Recall in the OnePlus 9 lineup should include three models: OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro and simplified OnePlus 9E. By rumored, the presentation of the flagships is scheduled for March 2021.

Source: Gizchina

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