Insider: Prince William “interviewed” Kate Middleton for the role of wife for many years

Historian Robert Lacy says that William cares about the reputation of the “firm” he will one day become the boss of.

It’s no secret that the rift in relations between Prince Harry and Prince William has escalated, including due to the fact that Harry married Meghan Markle. Before the wedding, William suggested that his brother take his time and make sure that he was not “blinded by attraction” to the chosen one, and this greatly hurt Harry.

Insider: Prince William

Historian Robert Lacy, in his new book Battle of Brothers: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, considered this point and suggested that William was not worried about his brother’s personal life, but about the reputation of the royal family, so he advised him not to rush to marry Markle. The author notes that William also looked closely at his wife.

For many years he “interviewed” Kate Middleton as if before hiring. Therefore, Harry could not help but wonder if William really thinks about his brother’s personal life or still thinks about his well-being. Perhaps he was worried about the fate of the “firm” of which he would one day become the boss. So Harry’s reply was harsh and offensive,

Lacey writes.

Insider: Prince William

Earlier, an insider said that Harry’s life in William’s shadow marked the beginning of their conflicts.

There was terrible jealousy and power struggles on Harry’s part,

– said the source and added that things got worse when William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement in 2010.

All eyes were on the future king of England and his wife. The Queen and her assistants have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in preparing Kate for her future role. And Harry felt completely left out. When Kate became a prominent figure in his family and successfully moved up the royal ladder, Harry was filled with anger and resentment. The tension between Harry and William with Kate was building even before Meghan Markle showed up.

– the insider shared.

Insider: Prince William

Photo source: Legion-Media / East News

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