“I’m afraid for her”: Britney Spears showed a beach look in a bikini, but fans did not appreciate


The singer’s Instagram is full of suspicious videos.

Britney Spears continues to wow fans with her Instagram content. The other day she recorded a couple of videos in which she demonstrated her beach images. In one video, she paraded in several swimsuits, and in another, she talked about five things to take with you to the beach.

In this swimsuit, I already went to the beach three days ago. But I thought, damn it, why not wear it again? And I also want to share with you five things to take with you to the beach: a towel, oil, sunscreen, a dog, and a hat. And I went to the jacuzzi!

– says Britney in the video.

Fans immediately sounded the alarm: in her videos, Spears looks haggard and gives the impression of not being entirely adequate. “I don’t believe she does it herself. I think she thinks that she is doing what people want to see because she was told so “,” Something is wrong here … I think someone is writing her a script, because she sounds very unnatural “,” I I’m afraid for her, it doesn’t look quite normal, “” I’m afraid to imagine what’s going on behind the scenes, “Britney fans write in the comments.

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Posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) 19 Oct 2020 at 2:38 PDT

Earlier, Spears also revealed how she spent the day at the beach with her boyfriend. She did yoga on the beach, and then she edited it into an accelerated video. “This is a simulation, she’s actually sitting in her room.” “Britney, swim! Swim away from them all! ”,“ It doesn’t look like Britney at all, ”her subscribers reacted to the video.

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