Igor Shevadzutsky boasted of a joint trip to the bathhouse with Povetkin


Promising Ukrainian heavyweight champion Igor Shevadzutsky is currently at the training camp of interim WBC heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin, helping the Russian prepare for his rematch with Dillian White.

It seems that after grueling training, 41-year-old Povetkin finds time for a primordially Russian holiday. As Shevadzutsky said on his Instagram page, he went to the bathhouse with the “Russian Vityaz”.

“He who takes a steam bath does not age,” Shevadzutsky wrote, posting photographs taken during a trip to the bathhouse.

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Who is steaming 💨 – he does not age 🍀

Publication from Igor Shevadzutskiy (@igor_shevadzutskiy)

Recall that Povetkin’s rematch with Dillian White will take place on November 21 in the UK. Earlier, “Russian Knight” told how the preparations for the second match with White are going on.

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