IDEAS 2.0: OnePlus Announces 7 Features Coming Soon to OxygenOS


OnePlus this spring when it announced the program IDEAS, thanks to which I chose, together with active forum users, 5 ideas for the OxygenOS shell. The manufacturer has now hosted the IDEAS 2.0 event and has selected a few more new ideas.

What to wait

So, the developers have chosen the 7 best offers, which they promised to implement in future firmware updates. First of all, OxygenOS should expect the aggressive Power Diet mode. It will prolong the operation of the device by disabling unnecessary applications. Also, a new dark theme will be installed in the shell. Users will be able to choose the design themselves: completely black (optimized for AMOLED screen) or gray.

Also in OxygenOS, you should expect an FPS counter in games, separate volume control in each application, the ability to launch two media files at once, partial screenshots, customization of the lock screen, as well as a function that will allow you to transfer files wirelessly between your smartphone and computer.

Source: OnePlus Forum

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