IDC: Xiaomi surpasses Apple to enter the top 3 largest smartphone suppliers in the world


Analysts from IDC have published a report on shipments of smartphones in the third quarter of 2020.

What was told

Total shipments reached 353.6 million devices. This is 1.3% less than in the same period in 2019. According to IDC, the result is not bad, given that forecasts spoke of a decline of 9%.

Samsung is still the leader. Its market share was 22.7%. The Korean manufacturer managed to ship 80.4 million devices. This is 2.9% more than in Q3 2019.

The second position in the top is occupied by Huawei, whose shipments fell by 22% (51.9 million devices). The company’s market share is 14.7%. The third place in the list was taken by Xiaomi. She managed to bypass Apple and occupy 13.1% of the market. The Chinese company shipped 46.5 million smartphones in the third quarter. This is 42% more than last year. Next comes Apple and vivo with 13% and 8.4% market shares, respectively.

Source: IDC

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