“I Make Mistakes”: Lily James Justified For Liaison With A Married Actor


Lily James gave an interview in which she partly explained her connection with the married actor Dominic West.

Recall that the other day during joint filming in Rome, they were seen in a restaurant, where they hugged and kissed. After the photographs of the paparazzi hit the Web, Dominic and his wife kissed revealingly in front of reporters and said that “their marriage is strong and they are still together.” At the same time, Dominic did not comment on the situation with Lily.

In a new video for Harper’s Bazaar, Lily did not reveal the details of her relationship with Dominic, but noted that she “constantly makes mistakes.”

I think I make mistakes all the time. That is life. But I would not want to run away from some situations or be afraid to do something. It seems to me that it is better to rush into the pool headlong and make mistakes with an open heart. If your instincts work, even if they lead the wrong way, or if you are open, you can recover from your mistakes and learn from them,

– said the actress.

Lily called herself a “rebellious teenager” and noted that with such a nature she still lacks “thick skin” and she is still learning to accept criticism.

Criticism can be helpful if it is constructive. And if it’s something personal, it’s perceived as revenge or an attack – it’s really difficult. But I’m still learning, I think I can grow armor. Because the only important thing is how you treat yourself and how your loved ones treat you,

– shared Lily.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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