“I like scandals better”: Jessica Alba laments that critics do not praise her

The actress says that in her entire career she has not read positive reviews about herself.

Jessica Alba recently appeared on the YouTube show Hot Ones, where she shared her thoughts on film criticism. The actress says that she has never received good reviews from critics in her entire career.

The host asked Jessica where, in her opinion, the harsher critics were – on movie sites or on health and beauty blogs.

Definitely on movie sites. Film critics love big headlines. And for some reason, everyone likes scandals more than laudatory materials. For some reason I always end up in the first place. In general, it seems to me that I have never received good reviews in my entire career. But I’m okay with it

– shared Alba.

Earlier, Jessica complained that on the set of the TV series “Beverly Hills 90210”, where she was a guest star, she was forbidden to look other actors in the eyes.

It was something like: “You can’t meet other actors with your eyes, otherwise you will be kicked out of the set”,

– she said.

As it turned out, her colleagues on the show had not even heard of such a requirement. Ian Ziering, Jason Priestley, Tory Speling and Jenny Garth commented on her words and noted that they did not remember such a rule, and also expressed regret that filming the series had become an unpleasant memory for Alba.

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