“I gained and lost 180 kg”: Gohar Avetisyan admired the photo before and after losing weight

The beauty master boasted a new figure.

On the eve of the New Year, more and more celebrities talk about their achievements. Some boast of what they have accomplished in a year, while others sum up a large period of their lives. Stylist and beauty blogger Gohar Avetisyan told how she struggled with being overweight and, finally, began to win.

The blogger made a cut of videos that captured her at different moments in her life. She showed how she looked when the excess weight was measured in tens of kilograms. And she added a few recent shots for which she posed in a fitted jacket, which emphasized her fit figure.

The 27-year-old social media star admitted that until recently she was the most notorious person. She lost weight several times, but again gained 20, 30, 40 kilograms.

“In total, in my entire life, I have gained and lost about 180 kg in total. And now I am at the finish line to the body of my dreams, ”Gohar wrote on her Instagram account.

The fans wished the star to achieve everything she wants and get the figure she dreams of.

“You are so clever”, “Huge motivator”, “You are very brave and strong”, “Beauty and become even more beautiful”, “Let the new body bring only admiration,” the fans shared their emotions.

Photo source: Instagram

Author: Maria Novikova

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